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Hi all. Four pieces from a grouping that Nick's (Obergefreiter) brother in law got from a WW2 veteran who brought them all back. He sent the collection to Nick for ID, valuation and hopefully sale.

Nick and I met over in Devils Lake at the coffee house again last week... I took my Epson and did scans of just about everything in the collection save a bit of documentation (not award docs) which he'll be getting scanned back at his library.

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I don't know beans about tinnies.

Nor me, but from what I can see there aren't any red flags. Hopefully Pete will be able to shed more light on them....



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I can echo that they are all period pieces.

The first round one is a Veteran meet event badge.

The 2nd I can not make out.

The Reichsparty day badge is in good condition for a zinc alloy piece.

The youth related tinnie is probably going to be your most sought after of the four.

Prices, I am sorry to be of no assistance.


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Sorry,I havn't logged in for some time.

All four are OK.

The first (Kassel) is fairly common, and only books at 15 Euro.

The second is a Winterhifswerk donation badge, (possibly Tag der Wehrmacht) hard to find in good condition as they all seem to suffer from some degree of zinc pest, I don't have the reference books on these, but it is also fairly common.

The third is very very common, about 10 Euro, it also is prone to the pest and loss of finish.

As noted above the HJ tinnie is the best of the bunch and books at 35 Euro, but mad keen HJ collectors may go more, its the only one I do not have. Note that there is no location (town etc.) on this one, but it should be possible to find out using the Bann? number.



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