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Bavarian 1916 Feldgraue Generals Tunic (Litewka)

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I'm trying to figure this out. The family won't allw the name to be released as condition of them selling his uniforms. The other one was super nice with pants but I'm too poor for that...

All I know at this point is enough to start researching. If I get enough clues I may ID him.

GenLt from aristocratic family who lives outside of Munich in the family manor.

ooooohhh... NICE!

Do you have a name for him???

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von Bothmer in a 1916 Bavarian tunic. This one is without Collar taps.

Von Bothmer was awarded the PlM in 1917 so he's wearing a field grey Litewka or less possible, a pre-war Litewka in a color that closely matches field gray in B&W photo.

Pour le Mérite .................... 17.07.1917 (Eichenlaub: 25.07.1917)

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I wish!!!!

I've Ben researching and have narrowed it down a to few, I think.

He was a GenLt, a von, but not a Ritter Von, nor a PlM or Max-Joseph winner. He was an aristocrat from the Munich area.

I think it's von Hartz. I was hoping for forum help as its an exciting research project but I'm not fortunate enough to have a lot of research books like rank lists, etc...

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