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I am hunting the first name for Hptm Liesner. His original Regiment is apparently FAR 71.

He is not the later Obstlt Gerhard Liesner from WW2 but he might be an elder brother or related..?

During the War he served within the Fliegertruppe as an observer. He was the commander of at least

one aviation unit.

After the the War he was living in Berlin as Hptm aD, but I have been unable to find him in any

adressbücher so far..

He was born 21.11.1887 in x. If related to Gerhard it might be in Königsberg..?

Anyone who have hints to find him..?



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I suspect that this book dont give any info..?, I dont have it myself.


"Das Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 71 Groß-Komtur im Weltkriege"

Aus der Reihe "Heldentaten deutscher Regimenter" , "ehemals preußische Truppenteile", 91. Band.

Sporn Verlag Zeulenroda, 1936, 450 Seiten.



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Hi Matt

I have been away several weeks without any cpu connection.

This search of German officers and trying to identify them is an continuing work which means

that information I had a Year ago (in this case) partly could be obselete.

His name is Hans Liesner but the date of birth given above is for another Hptm x Liesner.

However also Hans Liesner ought to have been born around 1886 to 1887.

I saw an Militärpass on ebay some Years ago where an Hptm Liesner signed as commander of AFP A

in 1916. Sadly Hans Liesner dont have an file in the archive in Freiburg.

However when reading through another file in Freiburg a week ago there were notes about AFP A and Liesner

was also named. However he was noted as Adjutant of AFP A in 1916.

So apparently the MP was not correctly signed as Liesner forgot to note i.V.

Anyway I am still hunting his date and place of birth..!



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