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Belgian or Spanish?

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Does anybody know what this order is? Someone told me it was the Commander Order of the FlemishPeople. Although this order was manufactured in Belgium I thought it had something to do with the country of Spain. Any ideas? Thank you.

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'Private' decoration of the Belgian-Spanish Association. Brevets/diplomas name award 'authority' as Asociacion Belgo-Hispanica. Supposedly a 'tribute' to historical and EU generated links between the two nations. Appears to have a five class structure. Established in the mid-late 1990s?

Manufactured by De Greef and possibly Fibru [Fibru-Fisch] of Brussels. In 2007-8, De Greef's rue du Midi shop window display included a commander badge, a star and several miniatures.

A decoration associated with Belgium's Flemish community exists but this is not it!

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Thank you for the information 922F. With your lead, I was able to find more. Thank you. James



This institution was founded in Belgium, based on the former Belgian-

Spanish Association, although it has considerably extended its goals. The

goal of the Organization is to promote relations between Belgium and Spain,

and to encourage any organization whose goal is to establish and reaffirm

the bonds of friendship between both countries, and their good relationship

in many fields, such as the cultural and social fields, by creating exchange

scholarships between Spain and Belgium. Its field of action is the whole

territory of Benelux.

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