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Officer RAMC 1914 Trio

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I was recently given this WWI Trio by my aunt, now I don't know much about militaria so I hope someone here could answer my questions.

I read the basic wikipedia info and realize the Trio are relatively common medals. I also saw the thread in the british medal forum about RAMC Trios in which a normal set was valued around 60-300£, which also seems to be the going rate on ebay. Now most of those sets I see on ebay are for privates or other low ranked soldiers. As you can see in the second picture the recipient of the star is a lieutenant, and on the other two he even is captain. I assume this makes them more valueable then an average set, but I have no idea by how much. Could anyone give me an indication?

A second question, as you can see in the 3rd picture it also came with a set of miniature medals. What was the deal with these, do they belong together with the original set?

I also did find and bought the medal index card for the recipient of this set from the national archive website if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance for anyone who could help me out!




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Dear Joe - you have an early World War 1 trio - although it looks like RAMC - the first letter is not clear. Perhaps you could

re-photograph the naming as a close-up. The Star has the bar for August 8th to 22nd. November 1914.

This was Britain's regular army - sent to defend Belgium and Northern France. They became known as the 'Old Comtemptibles'

and since he has the bar, it meant he came within range of German artillery.

Being an officer makes a big difference - and the trio is quite valuabe because of it's limited issue. Perhaps as much as 300 pounds

or, even a little more. A lot will depend on his being a Doctor and his further service.

I would suggest that you join GMIC as a subscribing member - details at top of forum - and on our British Medals section

we have a number of posts on these 1914 groups.

Meanwhile, I expect some of our members may be able to help with some research. Feel free to ask any further questions. Mervyn

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Thanks Mervyn for your reply,

It clearly says RAMC on the back of the star the photo is just a bit blurry.

I also did as you suggested and registered on this forum and posted my questions in the British medal forum thread about RAMC trios.

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Medals to officers are worth more and your chap there was one of a very few officers who survived the first months of the war all the way to 1918. There are probably no more than 150 groups out there to a medical officer like that.

Jr. medical officers in the British army tended to be in the front lines -often field dressing stations were staffed by an MD officer -and the British medical officers (comparatively) suffered high casualties.

If we had his name we could tell you more- and so could the chaps the the trenches on the web site. They love groups like this.

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