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Rittmeister Artur Reißig from Ulanen Regiment 17

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Hi everybody,

Here is a very nice photo of Rittmeister Artur Reißig (here on the photo he is still an Oberleutant - one pip on shoulderboard) showing his nice medal bar.

The most interresting medal in this bar is the Schwarzburg Ehrenkreuz 3. Kl. Mit X. (SE3X). Indeed only 29 were awarded to Saxon officers during WW1 (12 from Sondershausen and 17 from Rudolstadt). It is possible that Reißig was born in Principality of Schwarzburg (just a supposition like I have not file in my hand).

Reißig was born iin 1888, I have no date for his death.

His promotion

Fähnrich : 1st June 1910

Leutnant : 20 March 1911

Oberleutnant : 16 May 1915

Rittmeister : 17 May 1918

a. D. : 31 March 1920

He received the following medals

SV3bX : 23 May 1917,

SA3bX : 6 October 1915,

EK2 : 27 September 1914,

SMK : 8 October 1915

SE3X : 15 January 1915

ÖM3K : ?

EK1 : between May 1918 and the end of the war.

If someone has more informations about his officer, thanks for your help.


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