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Had a nice old chap come-in last week.- he is a former Rhodie and had these items from when he lived


Firstly some UDI badges - nicely mounted to hang in a study.

------------------------------------------------http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_06_2012/post-6209-0-38907300-1340978927.jpgCLICK TO ENLARGE------------------------------------------------

Right column : Signals ; Southern Rhodesia Artilery ; Engineers ; Medical ; Pay Corps.

Left column : Armoured Car Regt.; Military Police ; Guard Force ; RASC ; Royal Rhodesia Regt. (Queen's Crown)

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Don't disbelieve you for a minute, but could you explain the differences, please? What I like best about this forum, besides Chris' beer photos, is the sharing of info. by many many members, each expert in his or her own field. :)


definately a para wing and not an SAS one,



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Lots of differences. I had a lot of info about them on my website but last week I shut my site down after 7 years. Two examples below, both worn after 1970. Second photo shows two different variations of the RhSAS para wings for the camo (combat) uniform.



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