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OK, EK2 and MMV2 I can make out. Any Idea what the third item is? "Ehrenkreuz der Alten G___ vom 1923"? "Garde"? Anybody know what decoration this might be? He served in RIR 214 and IR 464.

Hello Dan.

I believe you read that entry correctly "Ehrenkreuz der Alten Garde". Should you make a connection with any prior service with a Prussian guard unit I am rather inclined to associate it with a veteran association which as you know were very liberal in "awarding" medals and such sometimes with names which were fanciful ( example "Deutsche Ehrenlegion").

Bernhard H. Holst

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RIR 214 and IR 464 were considered Mecklenburg units, with a lot of soldiers from nearby regions (Schleswig-Holstein and the Hanseatic Cities). Actually, though IR 464's replacement formation was GR 89, most of the companies used to create it came from Schleswig-Holstein and Hanseatic regiments (RIR 31, IR 84, IR 85, FR 86, IR 162, IR 163). No Garde connection.

Googling, I find reference to an "Ehrenzeichen der Alten Garde" in connection with the Stahlhelmbund, but this wasn't a cross.

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