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Interesting Japanese group of 11

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First, a bit of context: Taganrog gave me a low-ball offer for the set and I refused him.

But putting that aside, I would like to address the topic of breaking up sets. First, the above-named set in particular and then some more general comments.

As for this set, I offered it complete on my website at a price that was admittedly high, so I also said I would accept offers. Every offer, though, was ridiculously low--as piddling an amount as $300 was offered. Having invested a good amount in the piece, I wondered whether or not to break it up. I decided to do it for the following reasons (in addition to the monetary one). First, it is already missing 3 medals, so it can hardly be called complete. And more importantly, all the medal award documents are missing, which really underline the simple fact that this set is far, far from complete.

Japanese medal sets without documents are interesting to see to be sure; is it imperative to keep these sets together? If the documents--or at least a few of them--had been present, I would not have wanted to break it up. The documents allow us to identify the recipient and maybe even research him. Soviet awards without documents are often marked with a serial number; British awards often have the name and rank of the soldier engraved on the rim. With extra information like that, the historical value increases dramatically. Without it, any set is not much more than a collection of medals, IMO. And this particular set was just that.

Why were the medals beauties when together but ruined when apart? There was no information about them--only their desirability as rare pieces and perhaps the set's ability to fire imaginations, making people wonder who would have acquired such a collection.

Dealers who break up sets are often vilified by the very same people who would never pay a premium to keep said sets together. (See Taganrog above.) Of course, this is not always the case, but I have seen such people often enough to think it may be more than a coincidence.

My general rule is to keep named sets together even if they are incomplete. I do not always follow this rule--you can see a violation of this on my store page at this very moment with a couple of medal award docs listed separately. Unnamed sets, though, seem destined to be broken up for the very reasons mentioned above. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I have no qualms doing this myself.

Any other perspectives on this? Am I completely unreasonable?

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Am I completely unreasonable?


You aren't.

Especially from profit maximization point of view ...

Any other perspectives on this?

Breaking up a set is always a terrible thing to do...

But then again there are always two sides of the story - dealer story and collector story.

Many dealers I know (including dealers in soviet medals and orders) are doing this on a constant basis ...

They breaking up even well-researched and document groups ...


Because of profit maximization...

P.S. I wonder what is the real reason behind Taganrog posting on this forum.

After all he has his own pet russian forum full of pet forumits where he can post whatever he likes, edit posts of others or simply delete them.

Damn whoever he doesn't like.

Ban whoever he doesn't like ;)

So the group was broken.

Terrible misfortune!

We will be mourning over this group forever ....

Rich is a heartless (or was it ruthless? :whistle:) dealer.

Now we even know the price that Taganrog was offering for this set (essential information! especially in the context of this thread ...)

So what?

What is the reason for this posting of yours Taganrog?

To point out that good original sets are broken?

We all know that without "Taganrog revelations".

The "breaking up reasons" are quite obvious too.

So you made an offer ("good price") and Rich declined it.

Obviously you are upset...

So you decided to come here and open our eyes to ruthless (or was it heartless? :whistle:) behavior of Rich?

It's done!

Personally I am terrified!!!

Now you can happily come back to your sandpit a66bda4d772445805cde0d13a97099fb.gif

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Dear colleagues!

I do not ever think that because of my first post get have such resonance.

I do not speak English. I use electronical translator, therefore it may be something did not work correctly written.

Rich dealer. I am a collector. Therefore, Rich has his own truth, and I have mine.

I really wanted to buy this group of medals


ava ***** / 评 価: 155 - that's me

Yes, I am very upset.

I dreamed about the group awards.

When I saw that all the medals became separate

I could not hold back emotions

Dear Richard. I am very sorry that it happened.


Read a very long texts Japan10 - a waste of time

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