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Please help to identify unit of a Totenkopf Sturmmann

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Many thanks for your help, Robin! :beer:

Here's one more question that I will post here not to creat a new topic.

What Waffen SS unit do we have here ("8" on shoulder straps of a SS-Strurmmann)? Please note that civilain in the middle proudly sports a badge "Petsamo-Rovaniemi" issued to German military personnel successfully completing the so called 820 km "Eismeerstrasse".

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Fragment with the Finnsih badge and an imafe of the badge itself.

Maybe this could help for an identification of a unit?

The lapel badge left, is the Arbeits Dank pin of the Reichsarbeitsdienst and the badge right is the Petsamo-Rovaniemi.

The RAD Gruppen K363 and K376 from Austria and Sudeten Germany were ordered to North Finland (Lappland) as Pioneer troops (Bautruppen) for the German 3rd Gebirgsdivision. It took them 13 months to build a road of 25 km, from 21 June 1941 until 30 June 1942.

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