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Order of Khorshid = Order of Aryamehr?


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Page 279 of this book: «British documents on foreign affairs: reports and papers from the foreign office confidential print. From 1940 through 1945. Near and the Middle-East. Persia and Afghanistan, january 1940-december 1941" (Published 1997).

(iii) On the 27th October a daughter was born to HIH the Crown Princess Fowzieh. This is the first-born child of the Princess Fowzieh since her marriage to the Crown Prince. The Shah is said to be very disappointed, but he has nevertheless decorated Princess Fowzieh with the Grand Cordon of the Order of Khorshid, an order reserved only for members of the Imperial Family. Dr. Hammerschlag (German-Jew), of the Shah Reza Hospital, Meshed, a well-known gynaecologist, was in attendance at the Palace. By Imperial decree the baby Princess is named "Shahnaz".


I do believe the Order of Khorshid is the real name of the decoration we know as the Order of Aryamehr:)

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Diary of Asadollah Alam, Minister of Court^

"Friday, 13 September [1974]

…Told him that Mrs Diba still longs to be awarded the Order of Khorshid (‘The Sun’) reserved for members of the royal family. She never refers to it by name, but goes on and on about ‘the other decoration’… ‘How peculiar’, HIM remarked. ‘Tell her that it doesn’t befit her status as a self-confessed dervish to covet such baubles.’ ‘None the less’, I said, ‘you had better let her have her way.’ ‘You must be joking!’, he replied. [Alam, 388]."


Well, friend, things are even better: this Order NEVER existed as Aryamehr.

I.e. there was NO such an Order as Aryamehr.

It's a fake name.

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Sunday, 14 March [1976]

Audience... Reminded HIM that New Year is approaching and that Mrs Diba expects to be granted either the honorary title Princess, or the Khorshid decoration. It would be unwise to disappoint her. ‘I’ve talked the matter over with HMQ’, HIM replied, ‘and she too is astonished by the vanity of this dervish mother of hers.’ I remarked how surprised I was that the two ladies hadn’t already discussed the matter; I had assumed HMQ would be the first person to whom Mrs Diba put her request. ‘Well, you assumed wrongly’, said HIM. ‘Let’s just suppose I agreed to give her the Khorshid thing. How on earth could I explain it to my mother? My sister Shams would be certain to stir things up with her. Yet another row!’ I quite took the point and promised never again to raise the subject, though I added that Mrs Diba’s brother, Mohammad Ali Qotbi, wants to be awarded the title of ‘roving ambassador’. ‘Incredible’, said HIM... [Alam, 472].

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I think - from Encyclopaedia Iranica (with its many desinforming arguements like that one about Nishan-i Haft-Paykar established 1957).

As for "Nishan-i Aryamehr", Iranica refers to this book:

Robert Werlich, Orders and Decorations of All Nations, Ancient and Modern,Civil and Military, 2nd ed. (Washington, DC, 1974).

But I'm not a happy owner of a copy:(

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