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St.Henry Order, Lt.d.R. Walter Kuehn received all three decorations.

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Hello readers:

Having recently received the Honors List of recipients of the Saxon Gold Military St. Henry Medal ( Ehrenbuch der Inhaber der Saechs. Goldenen St.Heinrichs-Medaille) and further review of the reference book of the Kgl.Saechs. Milit. St.Heinrichs-Orden, 1736-1918 I came across the following recipient:

Lt.d.R. Walter Kuehn (u-Umlaut), born in 1894 he entered military service Easter 1914 with the Saxon Inf.Reg. 104. He made a fairly fast advancement . Apparently distinguished himself as a Patrol- and Assault Troop leader on many occasions. In particular in May 1916 he raided a British mining operation during which several works were destroyed and prisoners taken. This also led to the identification of the opposite enemy unit as the 11./Royal Scots .

Promotion to officers rank followed. Lt. W.Kuehn was the recipient of both Iron Crosses, the Saxon St.Henry Silver and Gold Medals and the Knights Cross thereof ( 24 Nov. 1916). The Knights Cross 2nd cl. with Swords of the Albrecht Order. War Merit Cross of Lippe. In addition the King of Saxony bestowed a Honor Diploma (Allerhoechste Anerkennung).

Lt. Kuehn was severely wounded on October 15, 1918 and became a prisoner of British Forces. He died of his wounds on October 18.

The King of Saxony saw this officer decorated with all three ribbons of the St Henry Order and remarked very favorably on this highly distinguished officer.

Bernhard H. Holst

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