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Ribbon Identification

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Good afternoon Fellas

Attached is a photo of two likely lads, SGT Albert King service numbers of 998, and 950307 of the Royal Field Artillery. And his brother PTE William King of the 1st BN Hampshire Regt. Taken in I believe between 1916 and 1919.

William was later killed in NI with the 2nd BN Hampshires in Nov 1920. Albert it is believed enlisted in 1915. I would like some assistance in Identifying the medal ribbon, which is a big ask as its not very clear. I think that as its taken during the war, and that the war medals were unlikley to have been struck and widley issued, that it could be an award such as a DCM or MM, but understand that very few citations for these medals were kept on file.

If anyone could shed light on, the photo or the two men it would be appreciated.

Cheers Boots

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William George was killed on Nov 5 1920 apparently undated. Did Albert have a middle name as this would speed up the search, alas the two numbers you give yield nothing (possibly because there was a prefix to them).


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Bit of info on PTE William King of the 1st BN Hampshire Regt

1898 Oct/Dec Born Basingstoke, Hants

1920 Nov 5 . Died age 22 at Youghal

Buried in Liss (St Mary) churchyard

An officer and 4 men entered Bransfield's Barbers Shop in Youghal, where an armed man had been reported

They were fired on by IRA men from shops opposite

King appears to have been hit in the chest by a bullet fired at him from the backyard

There were reprisals in Youghal that night

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G'Day Fellas

Thanks for the speedy reply, and your interest! .Indeed a great newspaper clip that you have submitted Taz, I have recently recieved a exert from the Hampshire Regt museum, apparently from thier unit or war diaries covering this incident (below), and its clear that the story is told from both sides of the fence, I guess it depends where you sit as to what version you prefer:

The numbers are from Berts medal roll, though it is inconclusive, for example it has him in France on the 16/3/15, perhaps you are right in regards to previous service as it has a notation of Dis 11/4/17 (presumably discharge) . So to be discharged at that time, would be either wounding, age, or has pased his used by date for the Army. There is a E as a middle initial??

Dear Mr Wellington

Thank you for your email regarding Private King.

The Museum does not keep the Service Records of former soldiers. You should contact the Army Personnel Centre at Glasgow to see whether they have his Service Record or whether it will be at the National Archives in London. (I can do this for you if you like).

Private King was born at Andover, Hampshire. He attested into the Regular Army in Belgium on 27th January 1919 at the age of 21. At the time of his death he was a member of ‘X’ Company, 2nd Battalion which was stationed in Youghal. His trade on enlistment was Groom.

According to a military decode between 22:00 and 23:00 on 5th November 1920 there was a fracas in Youghal between soldiers out on pass and civilians. At 23:00 an armed military piquet under the command of Lieutenant Chambers, The South Staffordshire Regiment, entering the town came under fire from windows and streets corners near a barber’s shop into which the troops forced an entry. As Private King was going into the back garden he was shot dead by a man who in turn was wounded by a member of The Hampshire Regiment. At the same time the police barracks on Quayside was attacked by the IRA and the piquet moved to flank the IRA who dispersed. A civilian named Casey was severely wounded. Press suggestions that troops exchanged fire with the police were emphatically denied.

King’s remains were interred at St Mary’s Churchyard, Liss, Hampshire.

31255 William King had served with 1st Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment during the First World. He was entitled to the British War Medal and Victory Medal. There was no medal entitlement for service in Ireland.

Cheers Boots

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