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Decoration or souvenir. Miniature porcelain portrait‏ of Napoléon Bonaparte

North Denmark

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Frankly, this is the first time I see this sort of pleasant looking jewellery.

It certainly relates to no official order or decoration of the Napoleonic period. It would even be difficult to say what period it is.

I sincerely hope someone has better information to give.


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Hello readers:

I take the liberty to amplify Veteran's post a little by stating what may be known to many reading this, that Limoges porcelain ( where this delightful piece appears to have been made) enjoys a deserved good reputation. While the Imperial Manufacture Sevres was the official manufacturer during the Napoleon I reign, many items with a Napoleon I theme were also made in Limoges but I believe after the abdication. I would enjoy reading more about this subject having some small items made in Sevres for the Imperial household during the first Imperial reign.

BTW: Porcelain manufacture Sevres is still a major and a quality manufacturer today.

Bernhard H. Holst

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It is probably one of the many souvenir pieces connected to the return of Napoleon's remains to France in 1840. He became very much flavour of the month in France, especially as the Orleanist monarchy was so drab and middle class, new generations, especially, who had not seen the down side to Napoleon's wars were captivated by him and the whole Bonapartist revival was eventually to lead to the establishment of the Second Empire which virtually deified Napoleon. It could therefore be around 1840 or conceivably 1850s-60s during the reign of his nephew Napoleon III.


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