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Here are two from picture postcards from 1915 and 1916. These were from an (eBay?) auction that I think someone on the forum won, so maybe he has better scans.


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he is a captain in both photographs. Hauptmann von Frobel was promoted to that rank with a Patent of 1.10.12 K10k. The first photograph must have been taken only weeks (if that) before the oubreak of war as permission to wear the Swedish Sword Order Knight's Cross 1st Class was published in the 25 June 1914 edition of the Militär-Wochenblatt.



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Yes, he did. In the "Ehrenrangliste", I´ve read, that he used to be Major in the Reichswehr, but I didn´t find him in the oct. 1920 Rangliets. Maybe, he served in a different regiment, but the IR17 (the traditional regiment of the 92), or he left the army before oct. 1920

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And here is a tragic story ....

Albrecht Simmerling in IR 92 sent this Photo of himself in full uniform to his friend Walter van Hus 30th Sept 1914 , he was then a Kriegsfreiwilliger and maybe he saw the war as an adventure or just something that had to be a part of.

He didn´t last long February 5th 1915 he was listed as KIA :( another young man buried in the mud of Flandern Fields.....

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We have quite a few pictures of JR 92. Here are some samples.


ps3034 by joerookery, on Flickr


ps704 by joerookery, on Flickr


ps28 by joerookery, on Flickr

RJR 92 was a different story. Despite the fact that the number is similar it does not look as though these guys had a lot to do with one another.


ps284 by joerookery, on Flickr

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