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Did the D.D.R. train any units for Mountain Warfare?

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Hi Gents,

just got to wondering, did the D.D.R. train any units specificaly for mountain warfare?

I know they were a long way from the Alps, but if the Cold War went hot, they would have been heading into Germany along with their Soviet counterparts and possibly into Bavaria?

Kevin in Deva.

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As far as I know, the NVA did not have any speciific mountain units as such. If the NVA paratroopers were trained in mountain warfare no doubt others would have been trained in this specialty as well. The NVA wolud have needed troops with some mountain experience if they had of been called upon to fight their way through the Voges Mountains in France as well as the Bavarian Alps.


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Hi Gent's,

yes we have been trained extensively in Mountain Warfare. The training was conducted every year over a period of 3 months in the mountain area of "Harz" and previously in the "Zittauer Gebirge" close to the Czech Republic. We also conducted various manoeuvres in Thuringia in cooperation with some scout units.

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Joerg, Good to see you posting here again. That's a great photo of NVA Paratroopers rock climbing, is one of them you? I've seen a lot of photos over the years of NVA Paras climbing and rapelling in the mountains, but didn't really know the locations that they trained in. Thanks. Kevin

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Hi Kevin,

this pic in the cave was taken always on a day out in the Village of Ruebeland in Harz mountain area where 2 caves are located in the same village. The pic i've posted was taken in 1987 my firsts climbing training camp. The two seen on this pic were two sergeants from the 3rd service year. I'll post some more in the next day's. I've been climbing trainer in the FJB for 3 years.



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Here Some more pictures.

You will note that the pics show mainly people in civil Outfit. The training for the units was done in the field uniform without Jump boots and the instructors have been wearing sport cloths.

Each Unbit has been trained over one Week every year in climbing groups of up to 7 people. At the end of each week each Climbing group had to participate in a climbing competition consisting abseiling, distance march, climbing, first aid, shooting, and a large flying-fox.

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