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Netherlands paratrooper badge

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Hello Andreas!

That's Dutch basic jump wings, metal version. Even though the cloth version is more common, you can find this version being worn by Dutch soldiers, but also by Danes as well as German reservists.


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As written, these represent the basic military jump wings, but this metal type it is not an official badge! As they do not officially exist in metal, someone just had them made in a large quantity and soon they all got spread over the country as an easy replacement wing.



These are the official (cloth) wings for the first degree for the parachutist

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A lot of US paratroopers wear these metal jump wings as well. I was just at Fort Bragg, NC (home to 82nd Airborne Div and US Army Special Forces) and there dozens of countries' wings - in metal - for sale at the military clothing store. You can't wear a cloth badge on US uniform; so, any other countries' wings have to be made in metal for wear - officially - on US uniforms.

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