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US (Marines?) Afghanistan insignia - help needed


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Guys, I picked this up today from a Singapore Army officer who just returned from Afghanistan. He worked with the US Marines there, and brought these patches back with him.

Does anybody know what this insignia represents? It looks like an eagle carrying a rocket launcher, but I cannot really be sure.


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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I agree with Paul; this looks like the US Army's digital Universal Camoflague Pattern for the ACU's. The UCP was replaced in 2010 by a digital MultiCam pattern for use in Afghanistan. Definitely not the USMC's MARPAT camoflague (the first US military digital pattern adopted in 2002).

I suspect this badge is some novelty/fantasy piece locally produced in Afghanistan. The design is not any US Army official badge/insignia of which I'm aware. Strangely, it is reminiscent of the US Navy SEAL badge; the eagle is very similar. However, the SEAL badge has an anchor, trident, and flintlock pistol. Your badge's eagle seems to be holding a RPG and AK-47 - further suggesting the fantasy theory.

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Could be custom made for Afghani armed forces unit? Did we give their Army or Police Army style Digi-camo?

I seriously doubt we've given US Army ACU's to Afghan security forces. I have not seen a picture of any Afghan forces in ACUs. And if we have, imagine the blow-back considering the rash of "insider" attacks against ISAF troops recently. I'm convinced this is a theater produced unoffical patch - a spoof of the SEAL badge.

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Nice little mystery for all of us. Here are the factors:

1. This patch was obtained from a Singapore officer who served in Afghanistan.

2. He served alongside the US Marines

3. He doesn't know what this emblem is for either

4. The fabric is actually the US Army ACU (or what they call it, I am not sure)

5. He managed to get some tailor to manufacture the Singapore officer rank on the same fabric and wore it while serving alongside the US forces.

So, these patches could be a spoof, but they sure don't look like they were made in Afghanistan. The style of embroidery doesn't match other Afghan examples I have seen.


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Two types - one was the US type of pixelised camo with the square rank patch (I heard, but did not actually see it for myself), and the other was the SAF issued desert colour pixelised camo (you can find pictures of these on the internet).

The SAF issued uniforms have their own type of rank insignia, which is a single full size epaulette in desert colours on the chest.

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