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Does any one has pictures about two military academy badges worn?

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The academy badges are different... two different schools so can't see why he would not be entitled to wear them both. I wouldn't think that would be the case if both were the same badge.

Also, very similar academy badges were issued by several of the other Warsaw Pact countries... Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. I believe the Colonel has some foreign medals on his last row of awards but it's at such an angle that I can't make out what they are or from what countrie(s).

The Soviet Union also had a TON of these badges for various schools, universities and academies. Again if one earned two or more I can only imagine they could be worn, unless regs only permitted a set number... which may have been the case. That's something I don't know. If that was not the case I'd think it would also be up to the individual... I can only imagine that most would not want to clutter up their uniforms with say, five or ten such badges. They'd likely pick those from the highest school/university/academy and wear those as the most important/significant.

Just some thoughts. :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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I just want to prove that it is not rare to wear 2 military academy badges at the same time

Rare or not rare, but it is certanly against regulations ;)

1973 and 1988 regulations states that officer should wear only one badge (the last one he reserved)

Same goes for the current RF regulation - one badge, and one only.

But of course officers (especially in reserve) very often violated this rule ;)

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You can be serious guys! :lol:


I`ll give you a hint!

Look at their shoulder straps...

If it doesn`t help - start counting ;)

Three Lenins vs. Two Lenins

Two RB vs. Three RB

etc, etc, etc :whistle:

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