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Question - Kuban, EK1 Citations - Unit Stamps?

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I'm thinking of buying a small paper convolute - Kuban, EK1, citations - signature of Edwald von Kleist on the Kuban Urkunde (compared with the one on database - seems to match) and the EK1 Urkunde signed by one Dr. Walter Assman (unfortunately we don't have sample signature yet on the database) checked out he was the commanding officer at the issuing date 12 October 1944. My question is regarding the unit stamps, the Kuban stamps seems original but I feel uncertain about the EK1 stamp - what do members think, do they have any other reservations about these two citations ? Any information appreciated.

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Well, the signature of Walter Assmann does match the example I have seen when he signed as an Oberst. As for the stamp it could be caused by too much ink on it when used, or maybe just a badly maintained one where 'gunk' has built up between the letters to spoil it.

The Kleist signature isn't actually a hand signed example. The Kubanschild citations were signed off by using a stamped version ofhis signature.

At the end of the day it all comes down to what you are comfortable with - if you have any doubts than why chance it? The market is awash with citation groupings at the moment, and alot of them are at decent prices, so another one will come along sooner rather than later if you decide to turn this one down.

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Thanks for the post. I hadn't given too much thought to von Kleist's signature, what you say makes sense - same as Manstein's signature on Crimea citations, just too many for one man to sign and his signature was the one I was chasing, I think, I'll pass on this one, save my powder. In two weeks I'm going to a military fair at Reichertshofen, Bavaria its the biggest one in South Germany. On my shopping list is a Gebirgsjäger paper convolute preferably GJ Regt.91. I don't expect to pick up anything too cheap, but if as you say the market is awash with citations, I may get lucky. Again thanks for the help.


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There have been a couple of Kleist hand-signed citations on the market in the last couple of months and they tend to be quite cheap (I've yet to see a single example for more than 100 Euros).

There is a Gebirgsjäger Pionier set here... http://www.military-antiques-stockholm.com/index.asp?contentpage=showproduct&page=1&id=15418&kategori=175

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