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Good Evening Everyone.....

I was going through some of my Mothers estate and found a number of letters and photos that I had sent her over the years while I served in the Royal Canadian Navy..... There were a couple of form letters from and I quote "Officer in Charge, Rehabilitation Advisory Committee, H.M.C.S. Saskatchewan" in 1968 before, during and after an extended Far East Deployment...... These were sent to the NOK of the members of the crew and I had not seen them before..... I will say that they brought back a flood of memories.......

Here is the first..... Enjoy.....



Between the security of childhood and the insecurity of a second childhood we find a fascinating group of humanity called ‘Canadian Sailors’….

They come in assorted sizes and weights and states of sobriety…. They can be found anywhere on ships at sea, in shore bases, in bars, in love, and always in debt….. Girls love them, towns tolerate them, and the government supports them…..

A sailor is laziness with a deck of cards, bravery with tattooed arms, and the protector of the seas with a copy of playboy….. They have the energy of a turtle, slyness of a fox, the brains of an idiot, the stories of a sea captain, the sincerity of a liar, the observations of a Casanova, and when he wants something it is usually connected with a request form…..

Some of his interests are women, females, girls, and members of the opposite sex….. His dislikes are not getting any letters, wearing his rig pusser style, the old man, kipper officers, and wakey wakey…..

No one else can cram into one jumper pocket a little black book, a pack of cigarettes, a picture of his girl, a comb, an old station card, and what is left of his pay….. He likes to spend his money on girls, poker, booze, and the rest foolishly…..

You can lock him out of your house, but not out of your heart, scratch him off your mailing list, but you can’t out of your mind, he is your long away lover, son, brother and your one and only blood shot eyed, good for nothing bundle of worries….. But all your shattered dreams dissolve when your sailor docks looks at you with those bloodshot eyes and says “Hi Honey, I’m Back”……


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What's the second thing a sailor does when he gets home?

Puts his suitcase down! :cheeky:

Yes, it sounds like Canadian sailors follow the fine 'traditions' of Other Ranks thoughts and beliefs that probably first appeared outside the walls of Troy.


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Pffft... "Boat People"... Bah humbug! :mad:


Better than being a Pidgeon or a Brylcream Boy......


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Pigeon... Oh man I haven't heard that in almost 30 years! :lol:

I've always said air force NCOs are the smartest people in the military... We send the officers off to war while we wait in the bunker watching TV and playing euchre.


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