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Good Morning Everyone......

Here is another part to the story.....



FAR EAST CRUISE FEBRUARY 1st 1968 – JUNE 25th 1968


Issued in solemn warning this____20th____ day of ___June__1968____

To: Friends, Relatives and Neighbors of __________________________



Very soon the above named rating will once again arrive in your midst, Radioactive, Dehydrated and Demoralized, eager to resume his place in society as a human being, entitled to liberty and justice whilst engaged on the somewhat delayed pursuit of happiness.

In making your joyous preparations to welcome him back to civilization you must make allowances for the crude environment which has been his unfortunate for his past commission. In brief, he may become a trifle oriental in his outlook on life, or he may be suffering from Rashitis, Sweatitis, Dogitis, or maybe even the shakes (a common complaint brought on by the consumption of too much Tiger Beer).

Therefore, show no alarm if he prefers to sit on the floor instead of a chair, kicks his boots against the steps before he enters the house, wears only a towel and shower sandals when visiting the neighbors, has an epileptic fit at the sight of a coconut, or has a tendency to salute anyone of importance. Always side-track him away from partially filled busses, for he will most certainly regard them as an organized party to a local brewery.

His diet, to which he has been accustomed, should for the first few weeks at least, consist of tinned milk, considerably watered down, dehydrated potatoes or other canned vegetables. Fresh or rich foods should be avoided for the first few weeks and then introduced very gradually. His only meat should be corned beef.

Do all the purchasing for him, gradually establishing in his mind that bartering, cajoling, and even threatening the shop keepers is not the thing to do in civilian life.

His language may be rather embarrassing at first, but in a relatively short time he can be taught to speak good plain English again. Never ask why the fellow down the road came home with a higher rate or rank than him, and never make flattering remarks about the Army or Air Force in his presence.

For the first few weeks (until he has become house trained) be particularly careful when he is in the company of young women. His intentions are usually sincere but dishonourable. Always keep in mind that beneath that rugged exterior beats a heart of gold.

Treat him with kindness, tolerance and an occasional quart of Rum and you will be able to rehabilitate that which is now only a hollow shell of the happy man you once knew.





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