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Red Cross Relief Commemorative Medal 1904-05 and its Suspensions


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To tell you the truth I’ve never really liked these bronze “unofficial” red cross medals.

But I really like their suspensions, especially those in the form of Geneva Cross.

So I think it will be nice to discuss them in every detail.

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Nonsilver and without ribbon

Struck from bronze in 1905 these commemorative medals are practically identical to the usual red cross medals. The only difference aside from material is reverse inscription.

Instead usual inscription on reverse

Meiji Year 21

Japanese Red Cross Society

You find this one

Meiji 37-38 Year War

Relief Commemorative Medal

Japanese Red Cross Society

Imperial sanction for wearing this medal on uniform wasn’t obtain (I wonder if anyone tried to obtain them :whistle:) and that’s why this medal was issued without typical for others red cross medals ribbon.

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As we see sometimes these boxes bear handmade inscriptions (usually the name of the cavalier).

The coloring of the boxes varies greatly, but most of them painted in different shades of yellow and orange.

Let’s take a look at these colors.

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