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Hallo Gentlemen :beer:

looking through this thread set me to thinking (dangerous I know :P ) with regards a Emperor Franz-Josef "DER TAPFERKEIT" silver medal in my collection, it has the word "BRONZE" impressed into the rim at about the one o'clock position, and weighs 11 gram, it measures: 31mm from side to side.

Maker Marked: "TAUTENHAYN."

I cannot remember reading about this particular variant anywhere on the forum, is it at all common?, do any members have one in their collection?.

Please see pictures.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Though others may have more concrete information - I have hardly seen the "Bronze" stamp on the FJ period medals. However the Karl era and the post war all seem to have them. I think there was a law that required the makers to state what the base medal was made of somewehre near the end of the war. Perhaps these few pieces that I have observed are inter-war re-strikes. But that is mostly just specualtion.

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Dear Gentlemen :beer:

I also have the large version of the Emperor Franz-Josef "DER TAPFERKEIT" Medal.

Weight: 25 Gram.

Size: 41mm from side to side and 46mm from the bottom to the top of the ribbon Ose connecting ring.

Material: Non-magnetic, brass silver plated?? it has suffered the indignity of being scratched in various places front and back, to see if its real silver. :angry:

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you Kevin in Deva :beer:

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Hi Kevin -

IMHO both are original pieces - I just feel from my observation experience that the BRONZE and BRONZ (hungarian version) marked ones are from the 1920's as Horthy's Government had a requirement that all plated medals be stamped with an indication of the base medal (except for Zinc it seems). The Large Silver Bravery Medal will probably have some sort of makers mark around the 11 or 1 o'clock position. Mostly I see a small encirceld "A". Another interesting factor that collectors seem to notice is the thin design of the medal as well. The ring on your Large Bravery has probably been replaced as such a small ring would dangle out of the bottom of the ribbon - not a tradition of the A-H armies. Here is mine for reference

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Hallo hunyadi :beer:

Many thanks for your response, yours is a great example, I have looked very carefully on both sides of the ribbon ring mount, at the 11 o'clock & 1 o'clock positions, and to tell the truth there are so many scratches and dings its impossible to tell if there ever was a mark, however even with some of the detail being worn down I doubt if the maker name was erased.

I do notice however there is no maker name on the front of mine under the bust of Emperor Franz-Josef.

So I think for the moment it will have to remain an unknown variant :(

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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The name under FJ is not a maker but rather the court sculptor who sculpted the bust of FJ or Karl. With FJ of course there were several as he outlived them or they simply fell from grace in the court. Though you have the benefit of holding it in your hand - to me it looks like the name was there - just someone rubbed it a bit too much :unsure:

I wonder about this spot?

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