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Dear Gentlemen!

This photo is my latest purchase. I think he is a British diplomat, who served in Hungary in 1930/32 (according the dedication).

Can somebody identify the medals and/or person? Sadly the second part of the surname is nearly unreadable.

I would be happy for any additional information!

Thanks in advance!

The man:

The medals:

And the dedication:

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Perhaps a military attache;

I have found the following officers associated with being a military attache in Budapest during this time:

Sir Frank Noel Mason McFarlane military attache accredited to Budapest, Vienna, and Berne1930-34. (According to a description of his memoirs)

Military Attache. Major W. D. Morgan, D.S.O., M.C. (According to the Statesmans Year Book 1931)

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Thank you for the identification of the medals!

Meanwhile I found a possible name in a Hungarian news archive: Patrick Scrivener

Seems possible, but need some confirmation...

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London Gazette, 23 December, 1932

Foreign Office,November 3, 1932.

The KING has been graciously pleased to


Patrick Stratford Scrivener, Esquire, to be a

First Secretary in His Majesty's Diplomatic


London Gazette, 11th May, 1937

The Order of Saint Michael ansd Saint George

To be Additional. Members of the Third Class,

or Companions, of the said Most Distinguished



Patrick Stratford Scrivener, Esq., First Secretary

at His Majesty's Embassy at Angora.

London Gazette, 9th January, 1942

Foreign Office,

November 28, 1941.

The KING has been graciously pleased to

appoint: —

Patrick Stratford Scrivener, Esquire, C.M.G., to be

an Acting Counsellor of Embassy in His Majesty's Foreign Service

Sorry, can't see anything else in the gazette for the period 1930-1945, but the search engine is notoriously inefficient.

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Statesmans Year Book 1931:


Envoy and Minister. Viscount Chilston, K.C.M.G. Appointed March

19 1928.

Secretaries. P. S. Scrivener and J. H. U. Lambert,

Commercial Secretary. H. A. C. Carpenter.

Military Attache. Major W. D. Morgan, D.S.O., M.C.

Vice-Consul at Budapest. Q. 0. Wakefield Harrcy.

Looks like Scrivener joined the Foreign Office after his WWI service. "Secretary" in the diplomatic sense is an officer of the Embassy involved in political and foreign affairs.

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A Sir Patrick Stratford Scrivener later served as British Ambassador in Switzerland 1950-53

His son, Ronald Stratford Scrivener held the office of Ambassador to Panama between 1969 and 1970. He held the office of Ambassador to Czechoslovakia between 1971 and 1976.

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This appears then to be a British dipolmat's uniform;

British diplomats wore the official court uniform consisting of a dark blue button-down high-collar jacket with gold oak-leaf embroidery on the chest, cuffs and long tails; white breeches, or dark blue trousers with gold stripes; Ambassadors wore first class court uniform with had a dark blue single-breasted tail coat, lined with black silk, the stand collar and gauntlet cuffs having scarlet (later black and then blue) velvet facings, gilt buttons, waistcoat, breeches or trousers. More junior officers were distinguished by the degree of braiding on collars and cuffs.

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It looks like the MIC is for our diplomat as it makes sense he was a territorial if he left military service to join the Foreign Office.

Found these London Gazette entries:

London Gazette 27 July 1920: Worcestershire; Lt. P.S. Scrivener is seconded under the conditions of para. 112, T.F. Regns. 24th June 1920

(Not sure what the "seconded under the conditions of para. 112" means though)

London Gazette 6 Jan 1925: Worcester; Lt. P.S. Scrivener relinquishes his commn. under A.O. 166/21, as amended by A.O. 332/21, and retains the rank of Lt. 7th Jan 1925

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I don't see any abbreviation on the MIC that specifically indicates 1/1st Worcestershire Yeomanry. "Worc Yeo T.F." - the T.F. means "Territorial Force"

However, as 1/1st Worc Yeo was the only unit of the Regiment to go outside Britain to Egypt (as indicated on the MIC our man arrived in Egypt in April 1916), it would follow that he was in 1/1st Worc Yeo.

See: http://www.1914-1918.net/worcsyeo.htm

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