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Foreign Legion Sahara... I am excited.....

Chris Boonzaier

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I have been going through a phase where most new things make me yawn....

But this made me a happy boy.....

My old Regiment 2eme Regiment Etranger,,,, my favourite clasp... Sahara.... and within the first year of it being issued..... this is really, really Beau Geste stuff....

I assume the Medal has a period repair... cannot figure out what is going on at the back of the frame...

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The back inscription says:

I memory of the "du Fouratier" (?) post of the Foreign Legion.

In honnour of an old and loyal servant.

signed Captain something

(Just a guess, seems to say) Innsbruck 3/3/1949

Your assumption of a period repair, IMHO, might not be that. Looking at the medal, its attachment and ribbon, I'd bet on a 100% local indigenous manufacture (Moroccan).

A great find!! :jumping:

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The PILE are Legion Recruiting centers. I did not know they had any in Austria after the war. With some googling I found out that there was indeed Legion recruiting done in Innsbruck in the late 40s, the one example I found was a Pole recruited from a displaced persons camp near Innsbruck. I guess the Austrians were happy to get rid of displaced persons.



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I think "In memory of the post d'Information " (The PILE)

Looking at it again, I think your spot on with "poste d'information".

The disk is stamped "Lemaire" and the wreathed suspender are definately french made though.

OK, kind of odd they repaired the suspension loop 90 degrees off... Hmmmm...

Signature seems to be Col Bruneau

Where do you see "colonel"? Really looks like "capitaine"... No?

A reason I mentioned an indigenous manufacture was the ribbon, it looks like it was crocheted...

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I've looked again and again at the word between "Le" and "Bruneau" in different magnifications, not even sure it's "capitaine"...

Would he, could he have had a special title?

This is what I (think I) see: P (or partial C), ?, f. ?, t (or b), a, i, r, e

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Hi Chris

I can understand your excitement about this very unusual find. It certainly looks right to me.

The "ribbon" is quite unique. Just cannot remember seeing anything quite like that before, it looks homemade to me..

Sorry I cannot suggest anything about the written statement in the back. Salut !

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Wow! Definitely a keeper. I read all the PC Wren books on the Legion - 5 or 6 in all, I think - as a teenager. Even then the hearty English racism was a bit off putting but boy could that man write! And, of course, his having served with the LE was the icing on the cake to a 14 year old. I'm afraid to re-read them in case they don't stand up, but I'd have snapped up that medal in a minute if I'd seen it, even though I don't even collect any more. Well done, that man! :)

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