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Royal Navy Cap

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Hi all,

after a longer time I´ve received something interesting that´s British. ;)

This Navy cap. But that´s all I know, maybe someone can help me, because I don´t know if it´s from WWI or WWII?

Or something special, because of the small size of the visor.

Maybe you can help me.

Best wishes


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I would put forward the suggestion that this is a commissioned officers cap and too ornate for a non-commissioned rank such as Petty Officer or Chief Petty Officer. I couldn't comment on the dating but I would say anywhere from rank of Sub Lt - Lt Cdr based on the fact that there is no gold braid around the peak of the cap that would suggest the rank of a senior officer such as Commander or above.

Interesting links here:




Odulf, apologies for not replying to you, but I have been away from forums for quite a while now.

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Hi Odulf,

on the buttons are badly just anchors and no crowns. What does that mean?

Best wishes


This could indicate that the cap started life as a Merchant Navy cap and the woven band with cap badge was added later...

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I know this an old thread but what the hey.

The cap style looks different to most RN caps, even the older examples. The chinstrap is incorrect as are the side buttons, so as Odulf suggested I would say the cap was made for a MN Officer, perhaps around the 1920s.

Is the sweatband quite narrow? and how deep is the peak?

The cap badge and band are hard to date but are probably 1953 to late 1960s.


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