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This will make you weep!

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Let's give the perp the benefit of the doubt. A goodly portion of the uniform could have been preempted by rats for construction purposes or moths, roaches, or other multilegged critters for haute cuisine. Regardless, it's bloody (can I say that?) shame :mad:

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Regardless, it will no doubt sell for a goodly amount. I have one tunic with this title (79th IR) and one loose one. While they are by no means rare, they are highly collectible, as the only official cuffband of the period. I would still like to find one on a field gray tunic! :rolleyes:

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Darn near had a coronary................ :angry:

Wait, wait, wait maybe a shell went off right next to him and blew his forearm off midway and....oh never mind, not enough blood to entertain that theory.

It is, what it is. Even as a dismembered foreleg, I wouldn't mind having in my collection.

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