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My latest scale model bust


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My latest - Lt. Colonel Sir George McCrae, O.C. 16th Royal Scots on July 1, 1916.

The battalion’s C Company comprised 16 playing members of the Heart of Midlothian Football Club - including the entire first team squad - plus support staff and ,more than 500 supporters . Can you imagine today’s professional footballers joining the infantry en masse to defend their country? In common with many other Pals battalions, 16th Royal Scots was decimated on the first day of the Somme in their attack on Contalmaison. On the 1st of July, over 250 from the battalion were killed, although men from the battalion did reach Contalmaison around 10.30 a.m., thus making the deepest penetration into German lines by any British battaion that day. The Germans however forced them back, and the remnants of the battalion were cut off for three days before relief arrived. After this, Sir George McCrae declared "I was never prouder of my lads than on that day". In total McCrae's unit lost 12 officers and 573 soldiers on July 1, in excess of 75%.

The story of McCrae’s battalion is told in a fine BBC documentary (which can be viewed on You tube)

The battalion is also the subject of a moving song by Craig Herbertson called “Hearts of Glory,” also on You tube here -

Sculpt is about 1/6 scale in super sculpey. I will post progress.

"Do not ask where Hearts are playing and then look at me askance. If it's football that you're wanting, you must come with us to France!" Sir George McCrae


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