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Some time back I saw (or thought I saw) some information that a book was being planned concerning the 1914 Iron Cross. I believe the authors were going to be Gordon Williamson and Chris Boonzaier. I am not a regular forum person so I have not kept up with the latest news (my fault) however, I would like to know if such a book is still being worked on and perhaps a projected time of publication if such a book is still in the planning. Thankyou.


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Hi Phil,

The project has changed considerably from the initial idea.

Originally we spoke about a book covering the Imperial Iron Cross 1813-1914. I was going to do the document side.

Some time ago I was sceptical what a new book could bring, the EK being covered in so many books up until now.

I decided to go my own way and do a book dealing exclusively with Iron Cross documents and all things paper, a subject neglected up until now and which could use in depth coverage.

A few steps down that road and I woke up to the reality that there are probably not enough people interested in the documentation to justify such a project.

So I once again shifted my aim. The subject is so huge that I decided I wanted to really specialise in the 1914 cross. I am playing around with a few ideas, but my thought at the moment is that this should be covered in a 2-3 volume work. Each volume having an EK1, EK2, Document, Postcard, Etc. section and keeping the same format for each volume.

There are a loose group of us kicking it around at the moment.

I am not sure if Gordon is still persuing his original plan, or if he would be interested in joining the 1914 project, he has not been around for a long time.

All the best


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Thanks for the reply Chris. I do realise there is a large volume of work required to produce such a book or books. That said however, I would very much like to see any book published exclusively on the 1914 Cross and that also includes the documents. After many years bouncing around from one collecting theme to another I have settled down finally with collecting 1914 EK2's (and an occasional EK1). My collection is not large by some standards and I differ greatly from the bulk of collectors in that I have little or no interest in maker marks. Knowing who produced the item certainly aids in evaluation of the item but I am more interested in the historical significance of what the item represents. I am not endevouring to mock those who collect items purely for MM's, I am just stating my preference. I also delve into a few award documents for the 1914 EK2 so I would be very keen to purchase a reliable reference work on the subject. There is a plethora of reference books now available covering various items from 1939 to 45 conflict and I agree that it is time for equivalent pieces to be penned on the 1914 to 18 war. I realise forums such as this and others are an invaluable tool to the collector but I am somewhat old fashioned and would much prefer to read a book on the subject. Nothing better than sitting if your favourite chair at the end of a hard day, glass of port (or in my case strong tea) beside you and in the glow of a soft lamp reading a good book. I doubt if penning such a tome would make you rich but you would indeed have the gratitude of many a dedicated collector of the 1914 Iron Cross. I will buy any book you write on the subject.


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It will be a long hard slog, but the whole thing works only if really covers the subject in absolute depth. IMHO a general work will not do it.

By planning 2 or maybe even 3 volumes there will always be room to add items as they appear.

The very amount of stuff means a single volume is not nearly enough. At the moment I have collected about 200 EK1s, 120 EK2s, 700 documents, about 200 photos and postcards and a "bunch of other stuff".

It is too much for one book, not yet enough for 2.

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It will be a long hard slog ........ it is too much for one book, not yet enough for 2.

Good luck, Chris !!

The Internet has killed publishing, unfortunately.

God help us ................... 20 years from now, everything will be in the ether.

With nothing in print. :banger:

Only upside is .................. the newspapers ..... esp. the ba$tard tabloids ..... will be well and truly ######€d. :jumping:

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Quite a collection Chris and I am not about to embarress myself by quoting my own meagre stocks but put it this way you are ahead of me with EK2's by a mere 106 although that does not count the dozen or so I have on medal bars. :whistle: . Still we have to start somewhere but seriously I do hope either yourself or some other learned 1914 EK collector will take the matter to task. And I agree 100% with what Robin said....I simply hate the idea of having to have my laptop with me whenever I am answering a call of nature due to a lack of printed matter. :cheeky:


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