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Silver Kanji on the Box Lids: Actual Time Borders


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Very often you can hear that silver kanji on the box lid indicates that this box (and its content) came straight from WWII period (i.e. 1941-1945).

Is it really so?

Of course no.

This is just another naïve and wrong belief …

I think the actual time boarders for boxes with silver kanji are

[1938 (minimum time estimate known to me); 1956 (maximum time estimate known to me)]

Let`s take a look at evidence ;)

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Well, does it means that the watershed between gold and silver kanji lies somewhere between 1937 and 1938?

I think it doesn`t.

I think boxes with gold and silver kanji co-existed during this (and later) time period.

There could be several different manufacturers of the boxes one of which (by reason unknown to us) used silver kanji...

You see we know for a fact that in 1946 there were boxes with gold kanji ;)

See http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/51243-order-of-the-sacred-treasure/page__st__40 posts #49 and #50

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I'll have to go back and have a closer look, but I do have a 7th Class Golden Kite with a document from 1940 and if I recall correctly, the kanji are gold. I think you are right in stating there was a mixture of gold and silver, and probably pretty close to 1938 being the earliest we see silver kanji showing up on cases.

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