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British uniforms

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Hello Prussian,

whilst i cannot comment on if these are 'the very best' ( as my depth of knowledge on the subject matter simply isn't deep enough) here are two that you should find rather helpful.

British Uniforms & Equipment of the Great War, 1914-18, volume I, Clothing and Necessaries

Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army in World War I

Both of these will be a good introduction to the topic.

Good luck!

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There are so many books on this period that I think this is the reason you have not had a lot of recomendations.

Try these that Patrick (did we welcome you to GMIC Patrick ?) has recommended - also, try a search on

Google for this subject - probably thousands of pages. Mervyn

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Hello Mervyn.

That could be a reason, yes. But because of those books are not quite cheap, I´m looking for "the perfect book". I don´t need too much old photographies, I´d rather bee looking for a book with many tablets, uniform charts like it is i the fieldgrey book from Dr. Kraus.

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I know this post is old, but I can contribute with two nice books I own on the subject:

Dressed to Kill: British Naval Uniform, Masculinity and Contemporary Fashions, 1748-1857
by Amy Miller

The Thin Red Line: Uniforms of the British Army Between 1751 and 1914
by D. S. V. and B. K. Fosten.

EDIT: Duh, WWI... my bad.

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