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Hello all,

My first ever post on this super site. I have a couple of 1887 Jubilee Medals, Metropilitan Police issue, one named to PC O. Freemantle J Division, the other to PC I Godding J Division. Neither have 1897 bars. I am aware J Division centred around Bethnal Green but I would love to learn more about the recipients. I hope some of you will be willing to help.

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Guest pikemedals

pc isaac godding was a 1902 rejoin. so he got the 1902 medal coronation to the j division. warrant number for the rejoin 829 rejoined on 13/06/02. will look him up if i got the godding surname from the policeorders paul

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Guest pikemedals

hi holyboy. cant help any further i never print off the godding surname sorry about that. i got about 200 surnames i print off.any more officers need looking up just ask if i cant help someone will help you on here. going back to 1902 rejoins they rejoin for 28 days.the old metropolitan police museum had a list of the officers who rejoined in 1902.try the new museum give them a ring they may send you a copy if thet still got it.the list told you the name of the office warrant number and the division the medal was named too. i only got a copy of the 1911 rejoins. good luck paul

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Many thanks for the research on the two medals - I have just four more names I would like to learn more about

Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal with 1897 Bar PC G WESTCOTT, T Division and Edward VII Metropolitan Police Medal to PS G WESTCOTT W Division.

Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal with 1897 Bar PS F. BRAGG, J DIVN

Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal with 1897 Bar PC J. BIRCH, J DIVN

Metropolitan Police 1887 Jubilee Medal with 1897 Bar PC R. PERT, H DIV’N

Thanks again, in anticiaption

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52726 Isaac James Godding originally joined the Met 16/05/1870 as a PC in N Div and left 17/06/1895 (pensioned). He was then a PC serving in J Div.

He re-joined just for a short time as a pensioner for the 1902 Coronation with the new number 829 (13/06/02) and served again with J Div

So his full entitlement would be an 1887 (no bar) and a 1902 Coronation

59134 Frank Bragg originally joined the Met 12/07/1875 as a PC in X Div and left 16/07/1900 (pensioned). He was then a Sub Divisional Inspector serving in B Div

He re-joined for a short time as a pensioner for the 1902 Coronation with the new number 1718 (19/06/02) and served as an SDI in T Div

Full entitlement is an 1887 Jubilee and bar 1897 and a 1902 Coronation Medal

A Sub Divisional Inspector was more senior than an Inspector

62184 George Charles Westcott joined the Met 28/01/1878 as a PC in E Div and left 02/02/1903 (pensioned). He was then a PS serving in W Div

Full entitlement would be the group you have

70529 - full name is Oliver William Freemantle

71300 - full name is John Charles Birch

71162 - full name is Robert Stephen Pert

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A number of Divisons have been mentioned in this post

Here are the areas for those mentioned above, with the 1900s designations given and any earlier titles shown in brackets:

B = Chelsea (originally called Westminster)

E = Holborn

H = Whitechapel

J = Hackney (originally called Bethnal Green)

K = Bow

N = Islington

T = Hammersmith (originally called Kensington)

W = Clapham

X = Kilburn (originally called Paddington)

Y = Highgate

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Thankyou Odin - that list will be a helpful reminder . I will ask Brian if he agrees with Pinning-it ?

Have any of you noticed the Picture with Holyboy's (Neil) Avatar. ********** Full marks to the first reply that can tell us what it is showing +

the date + where did it appear + and in which of the above Divs. did it take place ?

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Great quiz question Mervyn - you will all discover why I have such an interest in H and J Division of the Met if you recognise my Avatar!

Big thanks to Odin for the additional information too. I have just acquired another pair:

1887 Jubilee with 1897 bar to PC G. Mardell H Division and a 1902 Coronation to PC G. Mardell R Division.

If anyone would be kind enough to have a look through their records for anything about this PC I would, as ever, be grateful.

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George Mardell joined the Met 13/12/1886 as a PC in H Div. His Warrant Number was 72219. He was pensioned 18/02/1904 and was then serving as a PC in R Div (Greenwich).

That's all I have on him I've afraid. Unfortunately all these men joined too early to have service sheets in the National Archives which start at Warrant Number 74201 but most will have pension papers. Again that will require a trip to the NA to access them as, unlike the Service Sheets, they are not on-line

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I note your interest Neil in the H and J Div medals.

I would still urge Forum Members to show some caution when buying these medals, be careful of paying over inflated prices for them as you may well be dissappointed when you research them further.

As an example, I have an 1887 Jubilee Medal (no bar) to PC J Devonald H Div. I bought it some years ago and fortunately it was around the same the price as a standard Met Police 1887 Jubilee Medal. Just as well as PC John Devonald (Warrant Number 52620) died 4th Feb 1888 which is before anything happened.

I am also aware of one collector who bought an expensive 1897 Jubilee Medal for H Div and that man wasn't even in the Met Police at the right time.

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Many thanks for your lightening quick response Odin. I agree with your comments on the purchase of these medals too. I have used a military medal researcher for military research at TNA, could you suggest a reliable person who could look up the pension papers for me? I also heard there may be a book listing the Met Police recipeints of the 1887 Jubilee Medals - do you know the title and where it can be obtained? Best wishes and seasons greetings.

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I've pinned you down Neil.

Slightly off topic, however I hope it can be answered here. I have noted City PCs in group photos wearing their 87 and 97 medals, were photos taken of the Met boys doing the same?

If so, again out of interest, would it be mandetory?

Many thanks



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