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St. George Cross 3rd Class No. 19 073 awarded to a Serbian NCO


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Greetings gentlemen,

Yesterday was my cousin's Slava (St. Michael the Archangel) one of the rare occasions we meet. So I took this chance to take a picture of a St. George Cross he has in his very interesting collection of military related items from the Royal era. Unfortunately I took a picture with my mobile phone so it's not a very good one. The Cross is placed on a wrong red ribbon. My cousin was not completely sure to who exactly this cross was awarded but considering that one of his ancestors was a member of a Serbian Volunteers Corps (HQ in Odessa) I guess it must have been his. The number of the Cross is 19 073. I would be very grateful if someone could give me more information about the cross recipient and/or any other available info based on that number.

I hope that our friend Igor will find this topic interesting considering that he is gathering information about Russian decorations given to Allied soldiers :)



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Very nice cross !

Can you post picture of medals group ?

I will ask my friends about this number .

Thank you Igor for making an inquiry, I really appreciate it!

Unfortunately this picture is the only one I've made. Rest of the medals are: Albanian retreat medal, Golden medal for zealous service, Silver medal for zealous service, WW1 commemorative medal and the Good marksmanship medal. He also had Huguenin St. Sava 5th class (also part of his inheritance but from another ancestor) and the Golden soldier's Karageorge star with swords (1914-1917 variant). There are couple of open questions about his Karageorge star. First does anyone know in what kind of box were they actually awarded? Were they boxed at all? His star is in Arthus Bertrand box for the Order of the Karageorge star with swords 4th class... Also in the inner side of the box is written that his ancestor has exchanged one of his decorations with other soldier for this star! Reasons are not known to us but they must have been pretty strong considering how much the soldiers appreciated this particular decoration. I have checked the book "Knights of the Karageorge star with swords" for his name just to be sure, and logically he is not in the list of the recipients. By the way this book contains the list of all the decorated persons and also a lot of biographies with very interesting photos of Serbian officers, NCOs and soldiers, valuable material. Original title is: Vitezovi Karadjordjeve zvezde sa macevima - Najhrabrijii medju hrabrima; author: Tomislav Vlahovic.

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