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French Medallions


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A couple of medallions. What are these for? The translation sems to be for being prepared, were these given out by the ministry of war for having your suitcase packed and ready to go. Don't really know what the second one is for either, seems to have a blank on the reverse ready for naming. Any ideas gents.

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These medallions are samples of the numerous given for "préparation militaire" before WWII.

"Préparation militaire" does not mean military readiness. It refers to a basic military training delivered to youngsters before their military duty. It was done on a volontary basis, and at different degrees in order to prepare and select them to serve as corporals, sergeants or first lieutenant after an additional training during their mandatory duty in the army, navy or air force.

The best recruits used to win these kinds of medallions. The ancesters of the US military coin, in fact.



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