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1977 Queens Silver Jubilee Medal (Verification Request)

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Please could you have a good look at the attached recently purchased QSJM which was in a group (ISM) named to an Arthur Ernest Bennet. (This has been checked to the London Gazette and is OK but no record to the QSJM records).

As this is my first Silver Jubilee to my collection, I would be grateful if anyone out there has a good eye to establish if it is an Original/Good copy/copy/or fake.

I have compared it to other examples on this site and can see no evidence of copy mark and appears to be an exact example of one shown recently (Boxed female ribbon) and the back of the medal seems to have a "double step" edge mark from around 7 o clock to the 11 o clock.

Could anyone provide a specific way to identify an original such as weight,size,ring format.

Thanking in advance.


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Hi Paul

The London Gazette is dated for 1988 which would have been 11 years after the medal being issued and the ISM is usually issued at retirement. The holder was an engineer with the MoD but thats all I have about the guy.

Thanks for the reply.


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Hi Thanks for that.

Any help would be great, I know that the value of these medals are quite high at the moment and two examples on the big auction site (boxed and good condition) rececently sold for £200+ last week. The one I have was part of a group of WW1 dual/1908 school medal and ISM (from the same family).However the QSJM was in a bit of a state as it had been kept loose with the others in a tool shed by the looks of it and required a bit of TLC to remove paint/tar and there is a scratch across "ELIZABETH" letter A. but other than that I am pleased with it but was wondering if its "The real deal" but compared to new copies which are very blunt in detail and it appears to fit with original examples I have seen.



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