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Miniature L'Ordre du Saint-Esprit?


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I have researched this miniature and it appears to be L'Ordre du Saint-Esprit and to date from the Restoration period 1814-30. But, I don't know much about French orders and decorations. So, I'd appreciate any help I can get, as I eventually want to sell this.

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  • This cross with the appended Holy Ghost is traditionnaly worn by French members of the Reformed Church (i.e. Protestants). It is not an award of any kind, nor the badge of any specific society.
  • It is therefore comparable to a Crucifix for a Roman Catholic, a Star of David for a Jew or a Hand of Fatma for a Moslim. It is often worn by ladies hanging from a chain. Sometimes called "Huguenot crosses", they can be bought in many jewellers shops, particularly in the traditionnally protestant areas of France.

Such badges have naturally nothing to do with the Order of the Holy Ghost, which was the highest royal order of chivalry and awarded to French Catholic aristocracy only. The mistake is understandable and quite frequent.



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