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Which Theatre of War he was in first you can see on MIC (only soldiers, who became entitled 1914 or 1914-1915 Star) on the MIC left bottom courner:

War Zone: 2 Balkans

Entering date: 27.10.1915

I find the best to check first regiments on this site (if you are using Google, just type in regiment name and in the end 1914-1918 and it will pop up first or add to favorites page with the regimental lists)


Also there is plenty of hints of to start doing research (lists with the war zones, how to read MIC, etc):


Frank Soar was around a lot - enlisted first into 3rd (Reserve) Battalion for a initial training. Then (I think - very hard to read out) 8th (Service) Battalion. In France he was listed with the 10th service battalion and 2nd Battalion. In the end of the war, I think he was in the 13th (Service) Battalion. A lot of movements but nothing extraordinary.

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