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Colonial Livrets of the Great War


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I am trying to find photos of A Great War Colonial Livret..specifically looking for differences between the Colonial and the Metropolitan versions. I have been unlucky trying to purchase one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Marcus J.

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What exactly do you mean by "colonial". Are you refering to what the French call "la coloniale" which are the Infanterie coloniale and Artillery coloniales regiments, in fact Frenchmen.

Or are you thinking of "native" regiments drawn from the French colonies : tirailleurs algeriens, marocains, tunisiens, sénégalais, annamites etc...Or native cavalry regiments : spahis ?



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Looking for the livrets that would have been issued to Zouaves and Tirailleurs...really want to see what a Livret that was issued IN the colonies looked like. I believe the Zouaves would be issued the same style...the cover stating Troupes Coloniale on it:


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