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Unknown/Unidentified Medal


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I recently acquired a Middle Eastern medal that at first glance is similar to the Syria issued 'Palestine War Wounded medal' for 1948 War.

But on closer examination there are marked differences.

1) the star array has been rotated by 90 degrees

2) the sword is hanging down (instead of upwards)

3) Different Ribbon

4) different ring suspension

5) difference in enamel

the ring suspension on the Syrian issue is a pierced hole through the arm to hold the ring, whereas the unidentified one has a separate ring at the back of the medal which is plain.

Could this be the Egyptian issued variant of the standard very commonly seen medal or possibly a prototype?

many thanks in adavance

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Dear Lawrence,

I have seen a similar piece with the inverted sword some years ago and believed it to be a copy but as the correct issue is fairly common place and cheap I cannot understand why making a fake would have any commercial value. As can be seen by the "correct" issue the manufacture is of high quality - Huguenin of Le Locle in Switzerland I seem to recall. I have no evidence from my research over the years that Bichay in Cairo made this award and thus I tend to side with the view that it is a fake. I have seen copies of a similar standard of the Egypt 1948 War Medal and also of the Iraq 1926 Active Service Medal and I would infer, perhaps incorrectly, that some enterprising individual has taken to making copies as a "commercial venture". Does the reverse of the medal have any marks?

The medal is more correctly known as the "Order of War Wounded" and was instituted by Legislative Decree No. 165 of 4 July, 1953 - some five years after the 1948 war. The Order is awarded to both civilians and those members of the Syrian Armed Forces, whether Syrian or not, who are wounded in the defence of the country or whilst carrying out military activities in a satisfactory manner. It cannot be awarded posthumously. In exceptional circumstances the order is awarded by the President as Commander in Chief of the Arned Forces.

Kind regards, Owain

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