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Commandant Nogues, Commandant Militaire of the Ivory Coast --> same person as General Nogues?


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Hello board!

I've stumbled across "Commandant Militaire de la Cote d'Ivoire" Nogues. I have no surname. I know this "Nogues" left the Ivory Coast around 1910 as a Colonel or Lt. Colonel.

I know there is a Nogues with General Lyautey, the conquereo of Morocco in 1912, who happens to be his foster father. Now I would be interested to know whether this Nogues from the Ivory Coast is the same as the General (Charles) who later, in the 40ies, collaborates with the Germans. Does anyone know more about a Nogues who was stationed as Commandant Militaire in the Ivory Coast and succeeded by Lt. Colonel Levasseur?

Thanks a lot!


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The Noguès in the Ivory Coast and the Noguès in Morocco and later general in World War II are not the same person.

The later general was Auguste Paul Charles Albert Noguès. He was promoted to capitaine on 28 September 1910, and was a metropolitan artillery officer with the 13e Régiment d'Artillerie. He was attached to Lyautey's staff in 1912.

The officer in the Ivory Coast was Henri François Eugène Noguès, a colonial infantry officer. He was promoted chef de bataillon on 9 May 1906 and in the 1910 Annuaire officiel des officiers de l'armée active was with the 1er tirailleurs sénégalais in the Ivory Coast. He was promoted to lieutenant-colonel on 24 September 1911, and went to the 24e RIC in Indochina. He appears to have stayed there. I don't have any wartime rank lists, but in the 1920-21 Annuaire, he was a général de brigade des troupes coloniales (date of rank 20 December 1917), and commander of the 2er brigade d'Indo-Chine.

Best regards,


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