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That´s a good question, Chris.

Most of the badges were produced in Austria, but only worn from german troops.

100% german are:






probably Korps Marshall

Korps Kühne


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Hello! Heres is Korps Kühne, an overview of my collection and an article I wrote for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Heereskunde   Verbandsabzeichen.pdf

"What part of Kappenabzeichen did you not understand!?"

Posted Images

You can´t say that, because they wer non-official badges. So no "ordre-to-wear" did exist.

I´d rather be using the word "Verbands-Abzeichen" (Formation-Badge) instead of "Kappen-Abzeichen" (Cap-Badge).

Some were worn at the chest, some at the collar and some at the cap

b. Ldw.Inf.Rgt. 10 (Verbandsabzeichen 21. Korps, Heeresgruppe Carl).JPG

11.Armee (Verbandsabzeichen 11.Armee).JPG

b.5.Fußart.Rgt.  (I.Abtl., 2.Kp., EK II, Merenti, Edelweiß, Verbandsabzeichen b.8.Res.Div.).JPG

b.3.Inf.Rgt. (Gebirgsbekleidung, Verbandsabzeichen b.11.Inf.Div.).JPG

b. 8.Res.Pi.Kp. (Lederbesatz, Verbandsabzeichen b.8.Res.Div., Heeresfront Erzherzog Karl).jpg

part 2

b.8.Inf.Rgt. (Verbandsabzeichen Böhm-Ermolli, b.10.Inf.Div.).JPG

b. Ldw.Inf.Rgt. 10 (Verbandsabzeichen 21. Korps, Heeresgruppe Carl).JPG

b.8.Res.Div. (Verbandsabzeichen 2).JPG

b.8.Res.Div. (Verbandsabzeichen, Edelweiß, Verwundetenabzeichen, EKII, b.MVK).JPG

b.9.Res.Feldart.Rgt. (Verbandsabzeichen b.8.Res.Div., Heeresgruppe Erzherzog Carl.JPG

b.11.Inf.Div. (Lazerett ; Verbandsabzeichen).JPG

b.11.Inf.Div. (MVO, feldgrau, Verbandsabzeichen, b.11.Inf.Div.).JPG

part 3

b.11.Inf.Div. (Verbandsabzeichen, Gruppe, Zivilist).JPG

b.11.Inf.Div. (Verbandsabzeichen1).JPG

b.22.Inf.Rgt. (Verbandsabzeichen b.11.Inf.Div., Schulterklappe 2).JPG

b.22.Res.Rgt. (Gruppe, Verbandsabzeichen b.8.Res.Div., 11.Armee).JPG

b.Inf.Rgt. 16 ; k.u.k. Verbandsabzeichen Kaiser Karl.JPG

b.Res.Inf.Rgt.19 (b.8.Res.Div., Erzherzog Carl MG, Anhänger, Verbandsabzeichen).JPG

part 4

b.Res.Inf.Rgt.22 (Verbandsabzeichen Heeresgruppe Erzherzog Carl).JPG

Garde-Fernsprech-Abteilung (Verbandsabzeichen 11.Armee,).jpg

Heeresfront Erzherzog Carl. (Verbandsabzeichen).JPG

Minenwerfer-Kp. 208 (Feldwebel, b.8.Res.Div., 11.Armee, Verbandsabzeichen, EKII, bMVK).JPG

Musketier (Verbandsabzeichen,11.Armee, b.8.Res.Div., EK1).JPG

Res.Inf.Rgt. 220 (Verbandsabzeichen 4.Armee, EKII).JPG

part 5

s. Minenwerfer 250mm (b.11.Inf.Div., Verbandsabzeichen).JPG

unbekannt (Gruppe im Feld, Verbandspäckchen,brandenb.Aufschl.).JPG

unbekannt (Verbandsabzeichen 11. Armee, Pistole).jpg

unbekannt (Verbandsabzeichen) (2).JPG

unbekannt (Verbandsabzeichen) (3).JPG

unbekannt (Verbandsabzeichen).JPG

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I think this b.11.Div. badge is a fake and the latest thing out of Latvia or Poland. You knew once they started bringing a few bucks they would be copied. These guys are ruining the hobby. Sad.


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Maybe I´ve bought one of the rarest cap badges ever!

Heeresgruppe Mackensen for turkish units (VI. army corps with 15th and 25th division - fought in that group in Rumania)

The script is in arabic letters (probably "Mackensen" and "Rumania" and the years 1916 and 1917).

For the german and bulgarian one see #6 in this thread

I´ve seen that badge only once at ebay (I failed in bidding...) and yesterday at the Kassel show!


Heeresgruppe Mackensen (ottomanisch).jpg

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I remember about 5 years ago at Gunzenhausen, standing outside for a smoke,  a somewhat unwashed and unlikable individual who sold me a Turkish "Galipolli Star" for EUR50, because he did not "§$%& turkish stuff" ... you just frequent the wrong sellers!!! :-)

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2 hours ago, The Prussian said:

The seller was a friendly  over 80years old gentleman.  Each year I buy something from him! 

At that age, maybe his prices will be coming down soon to liquidate stock before he is liquidated  :wacky:

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Congratulations Andy! I was hoping for a victory for you at the Kassel show. A very tough badge indeed! Now, some more research to see if any others were worn by Germans.


Edited by Chip
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Hello Chip!

Thank you!!!!!!! I´m really glad to get that badge!

But there is another reason, why I´ll get only water+bread the next days...

Please have a look!






Edited by The Prussian
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