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Tsingtau POW Document -Albrecht, Fritz

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Proof that the ebay snipers can be beat. This arrived today after I won it last month. My many thanks to the seller for packaging it well for the trip here.

I haven't had time to take a good photo and I didn't read all of the signatures at the bottom, but the one signature that did attract me to this POW made document was the one on the bottom left. That's Meyer-Waldeck, the Governor and Commander of the Tsingtau garrison just before and during the siege of Tsingtau.

Here is my translation;

Honor Document

Gymnastic Club______Narashiro (in the circle motif above)

At the Gymnastic Contest

On November 10, 1918, the Gymnast, Albrecht, in a 12-event, upper level contest received the 6th place with 124 3/4 points.

Gymnastics Club Narashiro the 10th of November 1918

The Judges:


His full name was;

Fritz H. R. Albrecht

POW #854

Ober-Matrosen Artl. -5th Company M.A.K.

from Südenburg

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Fantastic! Must have had some freedoms in the camp if they printed this!!

Yes they did Chris. Officers could even leave the camp to explore the surrounding countryside, if they swore as officers that they would return by nightfall. There are accounts of being followed by Japanese police, but the German officers kept their word and returned.

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Could I ask for some Signature help? There are TEN signatures on this document and I would like to read the names. I know I can look them up, once I know who they are.

Can someone make out the names for me?


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is the "8" in 1918 handwritten?



wow. I didn't notice that before. I will have to check on the orginal, but it's clear it's not in the same font.

Obviously this document was pre-printed to be filled out for the winner's name, the Place awarded and the points earned. But maybe the year was left blank and typefaced in later. Interesting.

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