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I mean about the Seeflugstation (SFS) Putzig and the Kampffliegerschule Fokker in Putzig.

There is few of materials and lack of pictures. So your picture showing the Taube navy aeroplane is very rare.

It will be very interesting that it could be published in better resolution

Best regards


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I just managed to take the photo of my Luftschiffer out of the Kompakt (see a few posts above) --and there is a name on the back!     It reads... H. Tegtmeier Nordholz 

Posted Images

Alex?  Anyone?  Any thoughts on this engraved Godet?  5.7 cm breit.

I would love to know...

1.  The year of these Danish hallmarks.

2.  Anyone know who this Luftschiffer is?  Maybe Signalmaat Ruskowski (from the other thread) who was interned in Denmark?

3.  Anyone else seen an engraved Zeppelin on a piece of silver?  This is the first I have seen.    Thanks!






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Very nice piece with lovely engraving.

i have checked the Crew of L 4 and it is not Ruskowski because he wasn’t a Maschinistenmaat.

Non of the Maschinistenmaate from L 4 looks like the guy from your picture.

kind regards 


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Thanks for checking Alex. 

Maybe he was stationed at Zeppelin base Tonder, which used to be Danish territory before the war.

But the piece was made after the war, so maybe he returned for a sweetheart there?!

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Okay, with a little help from Luftschiffharry, this may possibly be Artur Rinken, who drowned on the L19.

The L19 flew from Tondern Zeppelin base.

Rinken was born in Tondern in 1892.  Tondern was given to Denmark in the 1920s.

Based on the Danish Maker's mark and Assay mark this piece was made between 1932 and 1937.


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How do you come to the conclusion of 1932-37?

The "J S" mark was used from 1932 but the "three towers" hallmark clearly says 1940.

Of course you never know what belongs together - the photo, the silver (with hallmarks) and the engraving of the Zeppelin... but the silver piece was made in 1940.

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You probably know more about this than I do!--but the chart I read said "H.J." for Hans Jensen was used until 1937...


Ooops...just checked another chart...



The same H.J. was picked up again in 1937 and used until 1957.

So the "40" on the Thre Towers means 1940?  Then all three marks line up at 1940. 




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Hi all,

         Not sure if any one can add any information on Naval Marine Pi!of ace ; Lt dR MI Gustav Brockhoff , who had five confirmed kills.

1/26th September 1916 , first victory , Russian flying boat, piloted by Lieut Gorkovenko and Unterofitser D Fair

2/8th May 1918 Sopwith Pup at Perched

3/12th June 1918 at Ostdunkerke 

4/3rd September 1918  DH4 E Furness , shot down.

5/26th October Balloon at Deinze

I am seeking any information on him , not sure if a photo exists.

Hopefully someone may able to help !!

Thank you




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He was stationed at SFS Angernsee in Latvia (Lake Engure) when he got  his first kill if that helps at all.  

Then later in action over Belgium it seems by the town names.

Baltic Sea Fleet naval pilot Starshiy Leitenant Arseniy Mikhailovich Gorkovenko and his mechanic Unterofitser D. Fai on M-9 nr.8 were shot down by two German Fokker E-types of the south coast of the Bay of Riga. it was during an attack by three M-9s on Seeflugstation Angern. the crew drowned. they were with "E" (Eh) Detachement of the 2nd Air Battalion (C/o The Aerodrome Forum)

Regards Eddie

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Additional Info about first kill
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Hi Steve

If you have access to ancestry.de you can find good info on Gustav Brockhoff among Chroniken der Marine Besatzungen and a family tree. Here some short added info.

He was not Leutnant der MI, instead he started as Seekadett 010413, Fähn zS 030414,Vzfeuerw 280515,Lt dR MA 160316 (Reutlingen). Some awards: EKII 041016,LFAbz 191016,BMVO4 201216,EKI 181017,Bulg.Tapf.Orden 040418,EisHalbmond x

He was born 15.06.1895 Sayn-Neuwied, Coblenz and served through WW2 as Major dR. 

During his flying career in WW1 he served within the following flying units: MLFA J-thal, FEA 7, SFS A-see, Js 8, MFFA II, MFJ I, SFS Xanthi, Js 25, and lastly as leader of MFJ III.

There is no confirmation in German records that his claim on 08.05.1918 at Pervyse was confirmed so he apparently ended up with 4 victories.



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Godet3.jpg.ffc960d2dc0e8101f347f36befd46555.jpg.c3ef883398895c8aff1618b24f09c7a6.jpgI just managed to take the photo of my Luftschiffer out of the Kompakt (see a few posts above) --and there is a name on the back!




It reads...

H. Tegtmeier

Nordholz  1917


Luftschiffharry and his great crew identified a MMT. Henry Tegtmeier who served on SL 8 and SL 20 under KptLt Guido Wolff.

Does anyone have his service record? Did he survive the war?

Comparing the studio portrait of young Henry above and in the crew photo below shows a more battle hardened Maschinist!




SL 8_Kdt Wolff_Besatzung.jpg

Tegtmeier_SL 8_MMt_01.jpg

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