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Soviet shoulder boards


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Dear friends,

Could anyone please tell me if my information about the following Soviet shoulder boards are correct? In addition, are the no. 2 and 3 (with the textile strap at the back) older types than no. 1 with a plastic strap?


[1] Air Force / Pilot? / Colonel

[2] Artillery? / Cannoneer? / Senior Lieutenant

[3] Navy / Medic? / Captain Lieutenant

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I think that most of the stars seen here are incorrectly oriented on the boards - and also have the slightly out of kilter look that I usually associate with stars that have been applied by collectors rather than at a Soviet factory or by a Soviet military tailor. Also: I haven't collected Soviet 'boards for many years, but are the stars on the company grade boards also the wrong size?


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The stars should be 25mm apart. Also, Major and above used the larger stars seen on all of these. Captain and below should be using smaller stars.

Naval Medical Officers should have the Red stripe(Green for earlier).

The white shoulder boards look like medical(or Naval Infantry) boards for the summer white uniforms.

They all look like current issue(post Soviet), where someone added the stars incorrectly(except for the Col).

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