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Does anyone can ID that officer?


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Hi all,

I just received one really nice picture of Imperial Russia officer and I need some advise.

Because the bad light of the picture it is really hard to work out that man's rank but does any of the specialist can confirm it that the man is General - Adjutant ((генера́л-адъюта́нт). In this case member of the Court (Svita) perhaps?


Also his combination of awards is odd:

1. St.George Cross

2. St. George Orden 4th Class

3. St.George Orden 3rd or 2nd Class


Based on the size of the awards, is it possible to work out the neck orden class? Like I understand then sizes of St.George Ordens are following:

- 4th Class - 40mm
- 3rd Class - 50mm
- 2nd Class - 60 mm
- 1st Class - 60 mm

Because rarity of these awards (only 125 people received 2nd class and 660 people 3rd class during period of 150 + years) and that odd St.George Cross, maybe it is possible to ID that officer or even some of you recognise him?

Now that odd St.George Cross - on the medal bar like this, can it represents a St.George Sword instead (St.George colours)????

In this case, can the person on the picture be a Tsar Nicholas I son Grand Duke Mikhael Nikolaevich of Russia (1832-1909)??? His brother became a Tsar Alexander II. Meantime he was Governor General of Caucasia (1862-1882). He died in France (from where that picture came from as well ;) ). He received a St.George sword 1866 and St.George Orden 1st Class 1877.

The problem is - Alfred Fedecki, who did Alexander III and Nikolai II Court photos in 1880-1900, did that picture 1891 (stamped in). At this time Mikhael Nikolaevich should had a St.George Breast Star as well. Or he just didn't worn it all the time like General Judenitš, etc?

Any help and ideas would be great,

Timo aka Noor

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Spasibo Igor,

But the 4th and 3rd class should be almost same size. As you can see, this neck order is much larger in size (at least 2nd Class).

Can it be the case that the officers didn't worn their breast stars all the time?

Thank you,


PS: as much I am stearing these pictures above, I am pretty confident now that it is not Mikhael Nikolaevich.

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I think I received positive ID on the other forum! The man on the picture is General Dmitry Ivanovitch Sviatopolk-Mirskii. He did received his St.George Cross as a NCO! Also 1884 he became a governor of Khrakov ;) .

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Dear friends,

A question.

I want to buy a cabinet card from e same photographer, Alfred Fedecki.

My question: the year that appears in the bottom right, is it the year in which the picture was taken to the person or the year in which the card was made?

Should Fedecki put any black symbol for memorial cards when the person was death?

Thanks for your answer


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Unfortunately I can't advise you - I don't know almost anything about the pictures and their makers. I just know that Alfred Fedecki was famous imperial Russian court photographer in 1880-1900.

Regards the stamp, I presume it is represent a year when the picture was made but again, I don't know how to confirm it.

I am not collecting photos in hugh scale and the picture above I actually put yesterday up for a sale.

Kind Regards,

Timo aka Noor

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