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Festungs-Oberbaurat Demmerle from Mainz

EK II 1870 mit Jubiläums Spange 25 (1895)

Pr.Kronenorden 4 Kl. Fehlt

Pr.Kriegsverdienst Medaille Fehlt

Pr.Da für 9 Jahre

Pr.Kriegs Denkmünze 1870/71


Pr.Hannoversche Jubiläumsdenkmünze 1813/16 August 1913

Hessen Philipps-Orden Silbernes Kreuz mit Schwertern

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Magic! Now i know what a Philipps-Orden Silbernes Kreuz looks like... silly question its looks a bit impressive to be at the bad end of the bar??

Pure Prussian precedence. All Prussian awards, including the Hannoverian, before any other state.

Some more:

1870/71 KDM, Bavarian Cross for 1866, Centenary:

Prussian D3, 1870/71 KDM, 1866 Königgrätz Cross, Centenary:

Prussian General Honor Decoration, 1864 Düppeler Sturmkreuz, 1864 KDM, 1866 Königgrätz Cross, 1870/71 KDM,Centenary:

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These guys dont have any rare or valor medals, but they are still good representatives of the 1866/1870 wars. The larger bar is for a combatant and the two place bar is noncombatant.

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What do the bows represent?

I am quite sure, this is only the recipients extraordinary taste. The only decoration with "official" bow is the Red Eagle Order 3rd class for Prussian, which got the 4th class before.

Regards, Komtur.

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My bar with a bavarian 1866 Feldzugs-Denkzeichen and the 1870/1871 Kriegsdenkmünze.

Must´ve been a strange feeling for this soldier in 1870/71 in France to be in the firing line with the men he tried to shoot a few years before ..... History is sometimes great!

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Saxon medal bar obverse. The first medal is the Order of Albert. Albert the Bold (1443-1500), a man of great strength and courage, was Duke of Saxony and founder of the Albertine branch of the ruling Wettin family. The Order was founded in his memory on 31 December 1850 by King Friedrich Augustus II to recognize ‘all those who render useful service to the state, or who distinguish themselves through civil merit, science, art, etc., who have earned a claim to Our recognition’. On 31 January 1876 the statutes were amended and the Albert Cross was added to the Order. Some 5,573 examples were awarded before the Cross was changed to a one-piece construction from silvered metal in 1909. The Order was suppressed in 1918.

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Obverse and of course with the Hannover, Langensalza 27 June 1866 Medal at the front, we know that this bar was worn by A. Kreiss. I wish there were medal rolls so I could find out what regiment he served in.

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