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During the last move, they stole a few items, including a helmet of mine. (M40 SD LW). With the settlement, I was able to find this sweet LW M42. I think that I actually like it a little more than the M40.

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Do you have any to post? I would love to see them!

Sorry Paul I do not gave up TR collecting years ago I may get the itch again someday.



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What do you collect now?


My collecting went from a kid, TR, Imperial, TR, Imperial to a little TR now complete German Imperial lol! Third Reich gives me a headache but still love it only thing I have now is a '39 spork! pathetic eh!


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Have you had a good look at the chin strap, I got one a while back from a local scrappy and on later inspection it was unit marked at the top end, not immeadiately visable.

I had this with a m40 as well.

Maybe a Lufty thing?


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Unfortunately, I do not see any stamps whatsoever on the chinstrap. It would have been cool if there was.

Spasm, is this very helmet in that book?

Ricky, the CG does not do the packing... they hire local contractor moving companies to do it... I have heard of guys showing up with ankle bracelets to pack up household goods. I will not again tolerate this BS. I will be taking photos of each of the folks packing and moving and sign over the tape and seal of each box.

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Yep, helmet numbers are in Brian's book.

Listed as M42 NS64 D291 SD LUFT 43ZSH SM

He's obviously seen it - or one from the same batch - and considering that he has more helmets than the Leibstandarte Panzer Division had (and all SS ones too) it's probably a good one.

Nice Stahlhelm, I like them a lot but don't actually have any other than this little LUFT - single decal, mint leather liner complete with original drawstring and chinstrap :P

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Thanks! I am sorry to take so long to reply to this thread. I just saw your post. What is the little helmet? Is is a modern toy?

So what can you see by the helmet number? I dont understand. (I am kinda slow sometimes).

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The little helmets are made in Shermanland. I tried to contact the makers to buy a few but they never got back to me. As you say, a modern toy. They do a selection of WW2 US and German helmets, pretty good reproductions too. I can't remember who makes them but I can have a dig around if you are interested.

Brian has privately printed an ongoing research book on German Helmet lot numbers. I think he's up to revision 4 at the moment. The lists are fairly easily available from lulu.com or sold on ebay. The book is basically a list of German helmets by all known manufacturers that he has noted in his studies on the subject. It is a good reference on known helmets as collections do tend to 'do the rounds' amongst dealers and collectors. Worthwhile, I think, as the book is very inexpensive while the cost of good helmets spirals into the atmosphere.

Helmets are listed under maker, size and lot number (all these are normally stamped into the skirt of the helmet). Yours (assuming it's the same one as many helmets can carry the same lot number), as above, is listed as M42 - obviously the raw edge later made helmet

NS64 - Maker (Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerk Schwerte) and size 64cm

D291 - lot or batch number (helmets were stamped out of a very large steel plate and were then tested by shooting them with a rifle and jumping up and down on them - those that failed had the added band and went off to civil defence)

SD - single decal

LUFT - luftwaffe

43ZSH - 1943 stamped Zinc headband with sheepskin/goatskin liner

SM - side marking - factory stamps in skirt near left ear guard.

Sounds like your actual helmet. You could check the date stamp in the headband just to confirm but they are quite difficult to see, just pull inwards slightly with your finger and look with a torch.

Hopefully that's all a bit clearer.

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