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as requested,a new thread for this grouping

It is a grouping of EK2 and zrestörer citations of maschinisten matrose Reddert,who served in zerstörer Theodor Riedl.He was awarded in october 1940,while his ship was carrying a escort mission in Falmouth Bay,where KM was into an important mining action.Also in these days the Theodor Riedl suffered attacks from the RAF.
EK2 citation is signed by Lutjens,who died in the Bismarck,and zerstörer citation is signed by Erich Bey,who died with Scharnhorst.
The grouping comes with photos of Reddert in 1937 with his suitcase,Reddert in the ship,and in Norway and photo of the zerstörer theodor Riedel.Also a well done picture made by Reddert and an zeugnis of seemaschinisten dated in the late 1945.
Hope you like it!!!

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