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Dear All,

Below please find a citation (urkunde) for Gefreiter d.R. Grüner. I wasn't sure what "d.R." means, now I know that this is an abbreviation of "der Reserve" (thanks to Chris Boonzaier).

Gefreiter Grüner received his 1914 Iron Cross II Class on 11 April 1916. The document was signed soon after, namely 18 April 1916.

The document was issues by a Hauptmann (I think) from Infanterie Regiment Keith (1. Oberschlesisches) Nr. 22.

Gefreiten Grüner was part of 7 Kompagnie, III Bataillon of Infanterie Regiment Keith (1. Oberschlesisches) Nr. 22.

The regiment's garnison was in Gleiwitz (I and II Bataillon and Stab) and Kattowitz (III Bataillon) (now both in Poland), and during the mobilization in 1914 it was part of 11 Reserve Division (together with 3. Schlesisches Infanterie Regiment Nr. 156 ).

I have checked where the Infanerie Regiment 22 was active around 11 and 18 April 1916.

According to Ruhmeshalle, the unit was present at Höhe 304 battle! So it may mean that Gefreiter d.R. Grüner received his Iron Cross in relation to this battle.

I would very much appreciate your comments on the IR 22 history related to Höhe 304 and this document in general.

Kind regards,



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